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Kolašin • Montenegro


Kolašin is a small picturesque town on the north of Montenegro, surrounded by five mountains, three rivers, six lakes, canyons and National Park.

Kolašin lies at the foot of the magnifiscent mountain Bjelasica. 

Two Ski resorts with of 23km in total of ski trails are offering unique experiance of skiing, snowmobile rides, snowshoe hiking, ice skating as well as open air spa for vacation throughout the whole year. That is what makes Kolašin one of the extraordinary tourist destinations.


Bjelasica, Komovi, Sinjajevina, Moračke planine, Vučje are surrounding Kolašin. They are abudant of forest and running water. Inhabited by katuns (small mountain cottages), where you can stop for drinks and national cuisine. Mountains are attractive for skiing, hiking, mountain cycling, jeep tours, horse riding, for bothany enthusiasts. There are more than 400 plant species, some of them are quite rare. They are covered with cultural monuments, churches and monasteries.

Rivers, Canyons and Lakes

Thrre main rivers around Kolašin are Tara, Morača and Mrtvica with crystal clear water, waterfalls, river rapids, glades, mills, old church places and monsteries, bridges and rocks. River Tara is well known for rafting, and rivers Morača and Mrtvica for its famous and breathtaking Canyons.

Lakes Biograd, Pešić, Ursulovac, Great and Small, Captain's, Rikavac are also magnificent and worth to see and enjoy.

National Park Biogradska Gora

Located on the slopes of Mountain Bjelasica and the sores of Lake Biograd, the 300 years old forest of Biogradska Gora are breath taking, one of the three most famous rain forests in Europe. Park reflects calming beauty and vast diversity of micro climate in a small area. You can enjoy beautiful landscapes, green pastures and impeccably clean Biograd lake.